David C. [Courtney] Coates (Chicago) -- Born in Brandon, England, August 9, 1868. A former member of the Socialist Party. Lieutenant Governor of Colorado, 1901-02; candidate for U.S. Representative from Washington 3rd District, 1910. Played role at founding convention of I.W.W. Died in North Hollywood, CA, Jan. 28, 1933.



J.A.H. Hopkins (New York) -- A prominent member of the "Committee of Forty-Eight," which sought to forge an independent progressive movement following Theodore Roosevelt's return to the Republican Party in 1916. After the demise of the National Party, Hopkins and the "Committee of Forty-Eight" participated in the 1920 Chicago Farmer-Labor Convention.



Marie Caroline Brehm (Long Beach, CA) -- A nationally recognized woman-suffrage activist. First legally qualified female vice-presidential candidate, serving as the Vice Presidential running mate of the Prohibition Party 's Herman P. Faris of Missouri in 1924.


George E. Dickson (Chicago, IL) -- No information available at this time.



William F. Cochran (Baltimore, MD) -- A Baltimore real estate developer. In 1918 he founded the Reconstruction magazine along with 1916 Socialist Party Presidential nominee Allan Benson, a periodical which lasted for two years. Died May 29, 1948.




J.A.H. Hopkins (New York) -- Chairman. [biography above]

Frances E. Beauchamp (KY)

S.W. Bingham (MA)

W.G. [Willis Greenleaf] Calderwood (MN) -- Born in 1866. Candidate for Governor of Minnesota, 1914. Candidate for U.S. Senator from Minnesota in 1916 on the Prohibition Party ticket, in 1918 on the National Party ticket.

(Mrs.) E.L. Calkins (MI)

Dorr H. Carroll (ND)

Otto Cullman (IL)

Will Everett (WA)

D.C. Finley (MO)

W.R. Gaylord (WI)

John H. Hill (IL)

Florence Slown Hyde (IL)

Morton L. Johnson (IL)

Robert D. Leigh (OR)

Demarest Lloyd (MA) -- Born in 1883. A prominent publicist and journalist with the Christian Science Monitor and the Chicago Tribune. Died 1937.

Sarah E. Lyons (MN)

C.W. McClure (GA)

Allen W. McCurdy (NY)

Frank A. Pattison (NJ)

Charles D. Sharrow (MI)

O.H.P. Shelley (MT)

James A. Smith (UT)

John Spargo (VT) -- A biographer of Karl Marx and prolific writer, active member of the Socialist Party of America.

J.G. Phelps Stokes (NY)

Wallace Thayer (NY)

Gerritt T. Thorn (WI)

L.H. Trieschmann (CT)

E.M. Winston (IL)

Arthur G. Wray (NE)



Henry M. Ashton (IL)

Rev. J.E. Bird (AL)

William A. Brubaker (IL)

John S. Codman (MA)

Irene S. Durham (WA)

William C. Ewing (MA)

John M. Fisher (MA)

H.P. Faris (MO)

A.J. Germain (WA)

Charlotte P. Gilman (NY)

Louise Adams Grout (NY)

Henry H. Hardinge (IL)

Ellen Hayes (MA)

H.J. Hibschman (WA)

C.G. Hoag (PA)

Charles F. Hoffman (MI)

Ira Landrith (IL)

E.E. Lobeck (MN)

William V. Mahoney (DC)

Donald McMillan (NJ)

W.P. Montague (NY)

H. Clay Needham (CA)

Rose Peacey (CO)

Hugh Reid (DC)

Hugh V. Reilly (NJ)

Oscar H. Reinholt (CA)

Upton Sinclair (CA) -- A famous novelist and active member of the Socialist Party of America.

T.O. Slack (WA)

James T. Smith (CO)

Louis Wallis (IL)

Harry W. Willock (PA)

Ben F. Wilson (CA)

Mrs. Milton G. Wylie (MI)