I am looking for relatives of Max Bedacht!


It's a long story, but I need to make contact with a direct family member of Max Bedacht, one of the founders of the American Communist Party. All four children and quite likely their spouses are now dead... Grandchildren are probably who I am tracking, but even if you are a great grandchild or great-great grandchild of Max Bedacht, please do get in touch and I will clue you in on my rather unusual query. If you're surfing the web doing geneology and hit this page -- BINGO!!! -- I'm building the family tree backwards, trying to find a living relative. Drop me a line and let's talk.

Tim Davenport: MutantPop@aol.com


Max (b. Oct. 13, 1883 - d. July 4, 1972) & Elizabeth Bedacht (b. Nov. 6, 1892 - d. June 1974) [family portrait, 1934]


1. Elsie Bedacht Feinstein (b. April 18, 1913 - d. Feb. 3, 2001), wife of Leo Feinstein


A. George "Georgy" Feinstein (b. March 18, 1936).

B. Elizabeth "Betty" Feinstein (b. October 30, 1946)


2. Edith "Edie" Bedacht Weisdorf (b. September 27, 1914 - d. July 5, 1996), wife of Joseph "Joe" Weisdorf


A. Maxine Weisdorf Rose (b. November 4, 1935), wife of Richard Rose


a. Richard "Dicky" Rose (b. October 6, 1955)

b. Nancy Rose (b. November 27, 1956)

c. Dwayne Rose (b. Feb 195?) - apparently still living

d. and a 4th sibling


B. Carol Weisdorf (b. June 29, 1942)


3. Ethel Bedacht Schachter Coplin (b. January 28, 1917 - d. July 30, 2005), wife of Solomon "Sol" Coplin


A. Jeanne Coplin Peck (b. January 16, 1946)

B. William "Billy" Coplin (b. May 16, 1949 - d. April 22, 1960 of hepatitis)



1. Max Bedacht, Jr. (b. October 8, 1918 - d. March 1975), husband of Dorothy "Dottie" Feeney Bedacht of Boston.


A. Max "Maxie" Bedacht III (b. February 15, 1946) - still living

B. Wendy Bedacht (b. December 16, 1955)